New Zealand

Why do you want to come to New Zealand?


Aotearoa (“Land of the Long White Cloud”) or New Zealand is a relatively small country
with majestic landscapes and beautiful coastlines, lots of space and lots of opportunity.

Every day we speak to Doctors who say to us:

  • “I have a colleague who relocated…”
  • “I’m a Kiwi who wants to return home with my young family. I want to give my kids the lifestyle I had growing up.”
  • “NZ was our best holiday ever! I’d like to do 12 months and see what it’s like to live there…”
  • “I was a registrar in Auckland, my wife worked in Rotorua. Now we want to go back as Consultants.”
  • “I’m retiring from the NHS this year and I’d like to do one last job, somewhere exciting!”
  • “Brexit makes things uncertain for me here, I need to feel secure in my career and NZ seems like a beautiful safe country to raise my children.”


In the age of social media, the world is a smaller place and more and more people are realising what NZ has to offer.

Made up of the North Island, the South Island and Stewart Island, there is a lot to explore and the climate and landscape changes as you travel from north to south, from east to west, inland to coastal, from summer to winter.

Kiwis are passionate about their cultural identity, their sport, their families and their weekends. They know how to enjoy their down time and luckily there are lots of ways to do that.

Imagine breathing in that fresh clean air; taking the dog for a walk along a white sandy beach at sunrise; taking the sea kayak out after a hard day in the practice; going for a run along the hillside taking in the endless views; packing the tent and taking off down the coast for the weekend with the kids; enjoying a music festival in a boutique vineyard; flying off on a cheeky city break down to the stunning resort town of Queenstown; sitting on your deck having a nice cold craft beer after a satisfying day in the OR; enjoying the peace and the serenity on your paddleboard after a challenging day in the ED; meeting up in a fusion restaurant and trying new food sensations; or the kids rushing home from school to tell you they’ve learned a few words in “te reo”…

As a people, we consider ourselves to be innovative and also problem solvers (the psyche of island nation perhaps). We’re friendly, honest, no fuss, straight talking, but we also know how to laugh at ourselves and not take ourselves too seriously. Have you seen some of our movies? Quirky, funny and very kiwi.

We have an international movie hub with landscapes that are now well-recognised as a result of a movie involving a ring;  we have our own space programme with really big rockets;  we have a thriving tech industry and a successful track record for IT start-ups which sit very comfortably on a world stage;  we have a progressive government that cares about climate change and maintaining our environmental record and having respect for this beautiful country;  we remember our history and celebrate our small nation;  We’re a country with a rich cultural background that’s enthusiastically shared by the diverse populace – and we like sharing other’s peoples cultures too; we’re investing in our health economy and trying to tackle health inequalities for our people but there is a lot more work to do;  and we consistently attract high calibre medical professionals who want to experience and embrace our famous laidback lifestyle for themselves.

There are 20 District Health Boards, 5 Tertiary centres, and 2 Medical Schools. There are opportunities to teach, be involved in research and to experience some very unique and typically kiwi casework. Quite often we hear from those who have moved here that they spent more time with their patients, they practise more medicine, they get a good study leave allowance and time off to attend international conferences. But what about the other stuff?

  • There are no geographical restrictions – you can work in cities, coastal towns, semi-rural and rural locations;
  • It’s possible to come to NZ on a fixed-term contract (12 months minimum) to see how you like it, or permanently if you’re ready to make a long term commitment;
  • We have a high quality education system – state schools have an excellent reputation for education and learning, there are private schools available, as well as two medical schools and a number of universities;
  • We have a strong real estate market and housing to suit your lifestyle whether that’s a townhouse, a luxury apartment, a lifestyle block (house with acreage), a beach house or a weekend ‘bach’;
  • Did we mention the incredible scenery and wildlife? Explore the beaches, fjords, rivers and mountains, see marine life and native birds in their natural habitat;
  • Live in a country where living well and feeling healthy is actively promoted as a lifestyle for all the family.


Why would you live anywhere else?

Feature this somewhere on the NZ page as a comparison of our comparable countries…

New Zealand

4.7 million population

Area: 268,021 km2

Republic of Ireland

4.7 million

70,273 km2


65 million

242,495 km2


23 million

7,692,024 km2


323 million

9,833,520 km2


We’ve been recruiting to NZ since 2008, placing general practitioners, medical specialists and doctors-in-training in major cities, rural towns and coastal locations all over NZ.

We liaise daily with the Medical Council of New Zealand and we understand the registration pathways and how best to get you to NZ. We also employ a Licensed Immigration Adviser specifically for NZ so we can provide advice based on your individual or family circumstances.

One of our recruiters is from NZ and is based in Wellington and works closely with our NZ team back here in Edinburgh, which benefits both our clients and our candidates.

As someone potentially interested in what NZ has to offer, we encourage you to click on the links, check out our job opportunities, think about the lifestyle you want to achieve and what it is you really want from this move. These are all the conversations that we will have with you as you travel your candidate journey - and the first step is giving us a call or dropping us an email!

Introduce the NZ Team:

  • Caroline – list medical specialties
  • Tina – list medical specialties
  • Debbie – general practitioners (family medicine)
  • Leona – junior doctors

Links to:

  • NZ Tourism
  • Ministry of Health NZ
  • New Zealand Now
  • NZ Immigration
  • Medical Council of New Zealand

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