Taking the Leap - observations from a GP moving to the UK

Taking the Leap - observations from a GP moving to the UK

Dr Sovjak starts work with NHS Dumfries and Galloway in October 2018.  He worked with our UK & Ireland team to find suitable work in the UK and was presented with several options before deciding on the location that is right for him and his family.

There were 3 important areas to consider when choosing to relocate. Family, social and professional. It’s hard to establish which of these is most important as they are very much connected but let’s start with family and social.

I am originally from the Czech Republic where there is a fast-growing economy. It’s a safe country with good education, there is a busy population which can sometimes be stressful and sometimes the most important values are lost in competition. The UK has a better background based on its history – society is cosmopolitan with less preconception, offering open-minded development to children and students.

I had considered working in the UK before but found the registration process at the time quite difficult. The process now is easier and open. From a professional viewpoint, UK GPs are definitely allowed more opportunities to develop clinical competencies. Doctors are not wasting time with constant administrative work and can focus more on the needs of their patients. Salaries are also more attractive in the UK, even with the recent drop in the value of the pound.

I have just a few weeks to go until I move to the UK and there have been some hurdles along the way. The worry that my parents are getting older, will my children settle in? Where will we live as a family? After a lot of thought I realised the UK is not too far away and my parents can easily travel here, my children will make new friends at their new school and there is a lot of affordable housing to choose from.

Head Medical were excellent in helping me through the process. They are a friendly team, providing options and very exciting opportunities taking into account the needs and wishes of the doctor and their family. If I had any advice for doctors considering moving to the UK and working for the NHS, I would say this is a great opportunity not previously available. The registration process with the NHS is now so easy and supportive, especially for GPs. I feel this process will not always be available, so now is a good time to act. Life is short.

If you are considering a move to the UK and would like to discuss what options are available or have questions about the process involved, please contact our UK & Ireland team on 0131 240 5268 / uk@headmedical.com

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