Opportunities for Doctors in New Zealand

Opportunities for Doctors in New Zealand

There are lots of opportunities for doctors from all over the world to work in New Zealand, and it is a popular location amongst expatriates. We recruit GPs and Consultant/Specialist doctors to positions across New Zealand, for fixed term as well as long term positions, so whether you’re looking for a year-long adventure or a more permanent move, why not consider working in New Zealand? 

New Zealand is known for being an amazing  place to live, as well as one of the best places in the world to raise a family; as it is a safe country which encourages a high quality of life, and has good standards of education. As well as having a relatively low cost of living, New Zealand offers a good work/life balance and is one of the most rewarding countries to live in.

There are lots of different lifestyle options available in New Zealand; choose from houses and flats of different sizes across lively cities, picturesque towns as well as costal or rural locations. The majority of houses in New Zealand are single detached with some surrounding land however, the type of house you live in will depend on your location. Wherever you live you will likely have access to nature, beaches, parks as well as urban areas without travelling too far.

New Zealand is a beautiful country, which experiences dry, warm summers and mild winters, and throughout the year it gets about 2000 hours of sunshine. However, in New Zealand the winter months are June, July and August and the summer months are December, January and February, which could  take some getting used to if you’re from the Northern Hemisphere.  

It is fairly easy to travel around New Zealand, with flights between the major cities as well as to Australia and international locations. You can also travel around easily by car, bus, train or boat, allowing you to explore all that New Zealand has to offer. It is easy to access nature, outdoor activities as well as stunning scenery no matter where you are in New Zealand. Even city living has a laid back feel and people spend a lot of time outdoors and being active.

New Zealand has a slightly bigger land mass than the UK, but has far fewer people living there, making it a less crowded and more relaxed atmosphere. Many people notice this particularly on their commute to work, as it does not take as long and they don’t spend their time stuck in traffic jams, crammed into train carriages or being bustled along with crowds of pedestrians.

The majority of healthcare in New Zealand is public, but there are also private healthcare facilities available. New Zealand has excellent health care and its hospitals pride themselves on high standards of patient care, efficiency and time keeping.

Due to staff shortages, New Zealand often hires medical staff from  overseas. This combined with the ample opportunities New Zealand has to offer results in a large number of doctors immigrating to New Zealand, making for a diverse workforce that will happily accommodate you.

We have experienced Recruitment Consultants to help you through the entire process who ensure things run smoothly as you get ready for your New Zealand adventure.

We also employ a Licensed Immigration Advisor specifically for New Zealand, so when making the move, you are getting the best immigration advice to suit your personal circumstances.

If you’ve been considering a move abroad, get in touch about our job opportunities: 

Caroline O’Hagan – based in Wellington, New Zealand

Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Radiology and Anaesthetics & ICU

+64 225214705



Laura Sanders

Psychiatry, Surgery (all specialties), Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Haematology, Pathology & Ophthalmology



Debbie Kirk

General Practice (primary care)


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