An Exciting Project

I work as a locum – sometimes in Sweden, sometimes in New Zealand – it may sound like an exciting but impossible project. Anyway, here I am at Caroline Bay and I like it here.

Projects like these are difficult to launch without help. A tiny advertisement in the Swedish Medical Journal led me to Head Medical in Edinburgh and I would have probably never noticed the ad if I hadn’t been fond of Scotland and the novels of Alexander McCall Smith. Shortly, I felt like being friends with the staff at Head Medical and I appreciated their stance that nothing is impossible. I also made the most of their know-how of the medical system in New Zealand and took advantage of their professional contacts in the country. Without Head Medical’s help I would have never seen Caroline Bay, Mount Cook, Pancake Rocks, Milford Sound…
Dr Ted G, GP, South Island, New Zealand


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Dr Ted G, GP, South Island, New Zealand

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