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Having recently moved to Singapore, I realise that I am very fortunate to have had the assistance of Head Medical. They could not have made the process smoother, and they were with me all the way through. Right from the start, Amanda was able to answer all of my questions about the potential relocation, and I certainly had confidence that I was in experienced hands. She was genuinely interested in finding the right job for me and was able to prepare me for the interview process, negotiate a site visit and embark on the extensive paperwork. The Singapore Medical Council have very particular registration criteria, but the team at Head Medical were able to guide me through every step. Many of my colleagues here have also made the move through Head Medical and the team have even been out to visit in person to check that all is in order with our new jobs.

The hospital environment is progressive and makes a refreshing change from Europe. Everything is highly efficient and colleagues and junior staff are diligent and professional. The computer system is advanced, with medical, allied health, nursing, parameters, vital signs, laboratory, radiology, orders and medications all available at the click of a button. The majority of patients speak English, but any language barriers are easily overcome with multi-lingual teams on the wards and a dedicated nurse in each out-patient clinic room.

With the exception of cars and alcohol, the cost of living is similar to London, however the income tax rate and lower cost of domestic help and childcare mean that one can have a much better quality of life in Singapore. It is an extremely safe, clean and efficient country, with year-round sunshine, a miriad of different cuisines, and South-East Asia at the doorstep. If you feel under-valued, down-trodden and 'hot-desking' is irking you, then give Head Medical a call!

Dr Tom K, Consultant Endocrinologist, Singapore


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Dr Tom K, Consultant Endocrinologist, Singapore

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