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I moved to Australia to work as a GP about five years ago. Looking back now, I am so pleased to have made this choice. For myself and my family (I have three children), the move has allowed for a better lifestyle and an improved work/life balance. In particular, my income has increased and my autonomy has also. I choose my own working hours, cover evenings and weekends only when I choose to, and when I am not at work, the lifestyle in Australia is fantastic. The weather of course is amazing: sunny days, the occasional subtropical storm and very rare but short lived rain, at least in Queensland where I live.

The surroundings are beautiful and exotic and the wildlife is stunning. Many mornings I will be in my garden feeding cockatoos and lorikeets while kangaroos hop by outside my fence, before heading out to work. The opportunities to see a different part of the world from an Australian base are also a huge plus.

We have taken the opportunity to see some of Asia and also to travel within Australia. We have found fantastic schools for our children and enjoyed world-class local entertainment. Being close to Brisbane I have had the chance to see Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Hugh Laurie and the Myth Busters Tour to name but a few.

Personally, for any UK-based GP, I would recommend some time living and working in Australia without hesitation.

Dr James H, GP, Queensland, Australia


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Dr James H, GP, Queensland, Australia

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