Want to rekindle that enthusiasm and passion about Primary Care?

Want to work in an innovative and forward-thinking environment?

We have 3 high-end vacancies all based in County Durham: 

Why work for us?

  • We are very different to partnership model in as far as:
  • Highly supportive management team to support clinical focus
  • Close integration between clinical and management teams with each maintaining their respective areas of responsibilities
  • Planning ahead and endeavouring to make primary care sustainable
  • Generous remuneration with model BMA contract, matched to level of responsibility. Fairness, motivation and attitude are key to our company’s core value
  • Diverse work force: We have trained and supported clinical pharmacist and ANP for several years ahead of the crowd and has explored innovative post such as physician associate to support the wider clinical team
  • Constantly looking to drive innovation to meet new era of clinical care
  • We have diverse businesses in pharmacies and clinical contracts (e.g. vaccination programs, anticoagulation services, diabetic plus, clinical pharmacist pilot, research participation etc) with various CCGs and Foundation Trusts, and are looking into other areas to ensure survival of the fittest to weather the current storm.
  • So these posts are naturally very attractive to ambitious individuals whose main drive is to provide excellent services while maintaining good work-life balance
  • Large scale of 29 practices and over 500 employees for job security and fluidity across different areas of responsibilities
  • Very friendly team!

To find out more, or to apply for any of these positions, contact Jo Hood on +44 (0)131 240 5266 or email

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