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New Zealand offers Psychiatrists a rewarding career which allows, and actively encourages, a healthy work / life balance.

Since 2008, Head Medical have placed almost 1000 Doctors in different medical specialities in amazing locations around the world. Our specialist Psychiatry Division focuses solely on the recruitment of Consultant Psychiatrists to mental health service providers across New Zealand.

Every day we speak to more and more Consultants / Specialists who are exploring the prospect of living and working in New Zealand.

  • “I have a colleague who relocated…”
  • “I’m a Kiwi who wants to return home with my young family. I want to give my kids the lifestyle I had growing up.”
  • “NZ was our best holiday ever! I’d like to do 12 months and see what it’s like to live there…”
  • “I was a registrar in Auckland, my wife worked in Rotorua. Now we want to go back as Consultants.”
  • “I’m retiring from the NHS this year and I’d like to do one last job, somewhere exciting!”

Whether you are actively considering a career in New Zealand or simply wish to find out more about career opportunities, salaries, lifestyle and locations, we would love to hear from you.

We recruit to roles throughout the year and our jobs are advertised right here on this page. Once you’ve registered with us, you’ll receive job alerts with the latest vacancies available in:

  • General Adult (Community and / or Inpatient)
  • Addictions
  • Child and Adolescent, including Youth
  • Liaison
  • Forensic, including Youth Forensic
  • Maori Mental Health (Unique to New Zealand)
  • Old Age
  • Maternal/ Perinatal
  • Early Intervention
  • Eating Disorders
  • Learning Disabilities

The process can move quite quickly and you could potentially be in NZ within 4–6 months (with our support with the medical registration and relevant visa applications). There are 3 fast track pathways and 1 specialist recognition pathway, so depending on where you received your qualifications, training and experience, we will hopefully be able to help.

Our licensed Immigration Adviser for NZ will also provide you with free immigration assistance and help arrange the necessary work visas for you and any dependant family members (e.g. spouse / children under 18).

Medical Registration for Psychiatrists with MRCPsych and CCT (UK or Ireland)

Your MRCPsych and CCT are considered highly comparable to that of a NZ-trained Psychiatrist. This makes processing your application much quicker and a lot cheaper than for other medical specialities. If you are successful in securing a Consultant position in NZ, your medical registration costs for this pathway are also fully reimbursed to you when you commence working and join the payroll in NZ.

Psychiatrists in NZ are well-remunerated and enjoy an excellent work / life balance in NZ:
  • We recruit to Consultant roles and also Clinical Director positions
  • Base salaries range from NZ$158,141 to NZ$230,000 (approx. £82,000 to £120,000) p.a. for a 40-hour week
  • If you’re about to get CCT we can find your first Consultant role (base salary NZ$158,141 – approx. £82,000 p.a.)
  • Medical registration is quick and easy, with 3 fast track registration pathways, depending on your experience
  • There’s no requirement to undergo a lengthy and costly RANZCP assessment, like in Australia
  • Reimbursement of provisional vocational registration fees (long term, specialist pathway)
  • Receive NZ$16,000 Continuing Medical Education allowance, plus 10 days CME leave each year
  • Reimbursement for work-related expenses, such as medical indemnity and annual practising certificate
  • Any on-call or extra hours are paid at an enhanced rate
  • Dedicated non-clinical time is built into your standard 40-hour week
  • Opportunities for multidisciplinary team working and to be involved in medical education and teaching
  • Receive 30 days annual leave each year as standard
  • Tax is capped at 33% for personal earnings and there are no National Insurance deductions
  • Depending on where you go in NZ, you may also receive a contribution towards your relocation

We also recruit to GP positions, so if you have a spouse, partner, or friend who qualifies we can find you roles together in the same location. We have helped many Consultant / GP couples to make the move together.

And don’t forget the other positives:

  • No geographical restrictions – you can work in cities, coastal towns, semi-rural and rural locations
  • It’s possible to go for a fixed-term (12 months minimum) to see how you like it, or go permanently if you’re ready to make a long term commitment
  • Excellent educational system – state schools have an excellent reputation for education and learning, and there are also private schools available
  • Strong real estate market and affordable housing to suit your lifestyle
  • Incredible scenery and wildlife – explore the great outdoors from beaches to mountains, see marine life and native birds in their natural habitat
  • Living well and feeling healthy is embraced as a lifestyle for all the family

We have successfully placed a large number of Psychiatrists in New Zealand, across a range of different locations and subspecialties.

There really has never been a better time to look more closely at what New Zealand has to offer.

Please contact us in confidence for advice. We’d be delighted to discuss options with you. If you’re not quite ready to think about a move but are interested to keep an eye on what’s going on in the jobs market then please do feel free to contact us with any queries you have, or register for job alerts to keep an eye on our vacancies in New Zealand.

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