Working in Australia could be your best practice!

Meet face to face for a chat with an expert on helping UK Doctors relocate to Australia (1st-7th June).

Imagine doing the job you love in a new environment. Enjoy greater clinical independence with improved pay and work/life balance, all in the glorious Australian climate.

Ochre Health operates 21 urban and rural medical centres across 4 states and has successfully relocated 10 UK Doctors to Australia in the past year. Their Recruitment Manager will be visiting the UK in June to meet you and discuss how you could benefit from working as a GP down under.

Head Medical will guide you through medical registration, visa application and relocation while Ochre Health provide a comprehensive orientation to the Australian healthcare system - there will even be someone there to greet you when you hop off the plane in sunny Australia!

To book an appointment and take your first steps towards enjoying the good life in Oz please contact Eilidh Manson on +44 (0)131 240 5279 or via 

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