Sidra Medical & Research Centre - Project Update

As work at Sidra Medical and Research Centre in Qatar is moving progressively forward, we continue to support Sidra with their recruitment for Senior Consultant as well as Allied Health and Nursing professionals. As the first academic medical centre in the Gulf, Sidra will provide world-class, patient-focused clinical services for women and children in an ultra-modern, all-digital facility.

There are two tracks of activity at this current stage and the centre is expected to open in 2014:


  • Construction of the facility
  • Detailed planning for the clinical services and research to be conducted

The project team are now engaged in planning the intricate details of a variety of different functional areas. These range from information technology and administrative processes to determining the extensive equipment requirements, and planning for the delivery of future clinical services. Detailed planning for a wide variety of support services such as digital imaging and radiology, computerised pharmacy, laboratory, food services, laundry, materials management, security and housekeeping is also reaching an advanced stage, thus ensuring that the medical centre will provide health care services to the best international standards.

Sidra is a complex undertaking given the advanced level of technology that will be incorporated into the all-digital facility. The technology will include the latest equipment and software applications for clinical, administrative and research functions.

After construction, there will be a period of commissioning to confirm that all systems and installations at Sidra are fully operational. There will also be several months of training for employees to ensure they can fully utilise the technologies and can effectively function in an all-digital environment.

Key appointments this year:

30/01/13 – Sidra expands senior team with three key appointments: Chief Research Officer (Dr Francesco Marincola), Clinical Chief of Surgery (Dr David Lyle Sigalet) and Chief Information Officer (Michael Leroy)

19/03/13 – Sidra appoint Dr Joachim Dudenhausen as Deputy Chief Medical Officer

18/04/13 – Sidra announces the appointment of Dr Deepak Kaura as Clinical Chief of Radiology

14/05/13 – Sidra hires inaugural Chief Nursing and Allied Health Officer, Mary Boyd

02/07/13 – Sidra appoints Dr Paul Lanier Ogburn Jr. as Clinical Chief Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Further interviews for positions with Sidra will be held in the US, the UK as well as on site in Doha - for all roles with this client have a look at the employer profile or get in touch.








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