Save Money and Time Recruiting International Doctors

Save Money and Time Recruiting International Doctors

The new health secretary Steve Barclay has urged that the recruitment of internationally trained doctors and nurses is increased in a bid to prepare for the winter months and beyond. The number of international doctors being employed in the NHS has doubled from 18% to 36% in 2 years and nearly half of practising consultants will reach retirement age in the next 10 years. If you are involved in recruitment for your NHS trust, chances are you are already trying to capture international doctors’ attention as the race heats up…

Head Medical are proud to be on the HTE (Health Trust Europe) framework. Head Medical is one of the very few Medical Recruiters who are on both of the 2 main national frameworks with the NHS – this means we are an approved provider to every NHS Health board for domestic AND international recruitment.   This blog will concentrate on the international recruitment framework Health Trust Europe.

Health Trust Europe – what is it?

HTE helps by providing a platform for approved recruitment specialists to offer fair and regulated charges, so you as the NHS trust have full control over your budgets, knowing that the more your recruit, the more money you can save.

HealthTrust Europe LLP is part of HCA Healthcare, a leading healthcare organisation composed of 185 hospitals and 1800 sites of care in 21 states and the United Kingdom, employing 249,000 people globally with the aim of providing cost-effective healthcare.

HCA Healthcare UK operates as the UK arm of HCA Healthcare and is the country’s largest provider of privately funded care, treating 800,000 patients every year.

HealthTrust is a subsidiary of HCA Healthcare in the United States and operates as a Total Spend Management solutions company for healthcare providers serving approximately 1,500 hospitals and 32,500 alternate care sites leveraging $39B of spend to negotiate cost-saving opportunities and best terms for its members. 

HealthTrust Europe operates as the UK arm of HealthTrust and partners with both public and private sector healthcare providers to improve patient care.

So how do I save money?

How many times have you recruited for posts only to find out a month later that you required double or even triple the number of posts filled due to a variety of reasons? You would probably have to re-advertise, increase your marketing spend, spend more time on recruitment or even as a last resort send your vacancies to all agencies on your PSL. All of these things can increase your costs and the amount of time spent advertising.

Get in touch to find out more on the exact rates and volume deals you can get to save money and time…

The Cost-Crevasse

There is clearly a relationship between cost and potential success when it comes to recruitment, the main concern being that your recruitment spend is effective.

Spending money on recruiting staff can feel like treading a crevasse without any safety equipment. The myriad of ‘what if’ scenarios that can arise before even considering outsourcing your recruitment services to an agency can be a daunting prospect.

What security do I have?

The Health Trust Europe standard expectation is for suppliers to provide providers with at least 6 months’ worth of security in case things don’t work out. You could call this your safety harness. Head Medical offer an overall period of 15 months, including a 100% rebate should someone leave within 6 weeks.

Let’s take a look at what the process could look like for you…

Initial phone call with your dedicated consultant: this will be a short 15-minute call to gather as much information about your requirements and about how you like to work as the person in charge of the process.  You can also see the exact rates on offer and what you will save on campaigns of volumes between 1-5, 6-14 and 15-49 vacancies.

Meeting: if you choose Head Medical to assist with your recruitment needs, we would be delighted to meet virtually or in person, because let’s face it, you want to see who’s helping you and we’re all people, after all, we’ll have thing in common whether it’s the way we like our coffee, latest Netflix binges and of course, how we like to work with people in business. You’re welcome to look at our team and their favourite things here.

Your campaign: with the information you provide in our meeting, we’ll get started in compiling your recruitment campaign. Mapping your selling points, position in the market and a smarter plan in order to source the right candidates.  We’ll act as your ambassador to your international connections to introduce you to the best matching doctors so you have the best chance of filling your vacancies in this time of shortages and need.

If you’re looking for international doctors of all grades and wish to see how it could work for you, or for any questions, please get in touch.


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