Moving to London as an EU GP

Moving to London as an EU GP

Seeking a new challenge

After I finished my GP training in Lithuania, I started working as a GP in two different private clinics. I didn’t feel satisfied and started to feel like I needed a new challenge. I spoke to Head Medical about the International GP Recruitment Program, and I felt this program could offer me the learning and personal experience that I was looking for, something I was unable to find in my home country.

When it came to deciding where I wanted to go, the UK was an obvious choice because of the language, and I’ve always been attracted to larger cities so I could naturally picture myself in London.

The main reason I’ve chosen to apply for the IGPR program is because of the overall support that is offered throughout the process. Going through the Induction & Refresher scheme myself without any structured support would have been very hard. The IGPR program gave me a clear overview of the steps I needed to take, and helped me to get prepared for them, both through clinical observership and dedicated learning sessions.

Relocation Support

The financial support with relocation was a great help and Head Medical put me in contact with a relocation company. They not only helped me with finding and securing a home in London, but also with opening a bank account and other settling-in services which was invaluable during the moving process.

I was very keen to move but relocating to another country was a little more challenging than I thought it would be! It requires quite a lot of organisation, as well as preparing for the MCQ exam which took more time than expected. However, with the IGPR support, I passed the MCQ exam successfully and I’m so glad to have reached this milestone and feel myself developing as a GP.

Thinking about relocating?

My advice for any doctors looking to relocate to the UK: if you want to move, then any hurdle can be overcome! Try to be well informed on all the different steps of the program before you move, and start preparing for the transition to the NHS system while you are still in your home country: there are lots of online resources available to become familiar with the UK healthcare system and Head Medical will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Settling in London

I moved to London in March and I live in Islington. I work in a practice in North Central London, in Tottenham. My practice is based in a deprived area and I like the fact that it’s challenging work. I see a great variety of different medical cases and social problems, and I have the feeling I’m improving as a doctor because of it. I’m dealing with situations that I wouldn’t have come across in my home country, and I’m exposed to a much wider spectrum of illnesses and diseases which makes general practice a lot more interesting and rewarding.

I’ve always wanted to live in central London and Islington is a great place to be; close to the heart of the city, a beautiful neighbourhood and very well connected to all tube lines. I can get to work in Tottenham in less than 35 minutes which is a very good commuting time for London. I had chosen the area myself, but the relocation company did a great job finding me this place in London. I feel so lucky to live here!

I am now on the National Performers List and have started my supervised placement in November. I am currently working alongside my supervisor. In a couple of months, we will decide together when it’s a good time for me to start working independently. I’m happy that this is a gradual process and that I can move forward at my own pace. It really does help to build confidence in a new system.

I feel happy, like I belong here. Back in Lithuania, I had the feeling like I wasn’t in the right place. I’ve found my place in London and I'm a calm and happier person here.  

Head Medical have successfully placed International GPs in practices across London, just like Juste. If you're interested in joining the International GP Recruitment program, contact Jo Hood on +44 (0)131 240 5266 or email to find out more!

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