RACGP changes for IMGs – Sept 2019 -  Apply now to work near a major city in Australia

RACGP changes for IMGs – Sept 2019 - Apply now to work near a major city in Australia

There have been further changes to the RACGP pathway for IMGs that will come into force on the 1st of September 2019. Internationally trained GPs will no longer be automatically granted their FAEG and will have to undertake a period of supervision, they will also have to work in a MMM2-7  location as per the Modified Monash Model

If these changes are implemented as outlined it will mean that international trained GPs will not be able to work in metropolitan areas and the suburbs of the major cities as the majority of these are MMM1.

The changes will run in parallel with the new Health Work Force Certificate (HWC) requirements and GPs will not be able to get a skilled-independent 189 visa for any areas that are not MMM2-7.

While we’re doing all we can to fully understand the implications of these changes, including heading out to Australia to meet with key College and employer representatives, it seems inevitable that come September the opportunities for overseas GPs working in Australia will be restricted.

Therefore, if you are considering a move to Australia please get in touch regarding securing an offer and submitting your RACGP application prior to September, we have a number of practices in and around the major cities including Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide who are keen to recruit prior to the changes.  

We will be holding events in Glasgow on the 18th of May and Leeds on the 8th of June if you would like to meet one of our consultants to discuss these changes in person.

We also have a GP client with practices across Australia who will be visiting the various cities in the UK in July to meet UK Doctors looking to make the move.

Please contact Vicki@headmedical.com for more information.

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