Working for the NHS - insights from an international doctor

Working for the NHS - insights from an international doctor

It was in January 1991 that I decided to move to the UK. The deciding factors in my move were the job prospects. The main question for me was if the job advertised matched my skills and whether I felt I could offer something beneficial to the role.

I started working on a fixed-term contract which was subsequently extended by three months up until May 1993. I developed excellent professional connections with colleagues, and when the opportunity to apply for a permanent position arose I could not refuse. I vividly remember the first occasion I stepped onto the premises of West Suffolk Hospital. I felt at home immediately, and never had any difficulty relating to patients or colleagues.

Since settling in the UK I have made a wide circle of friends. As a family we participate in local activities and are members of several clubs. We see ourselves as dual citizens – our loyalty belonging to two countries. I do not have to choose Hungary over the UK, and this suits me very well. There are several airports in London, and the Channel Tunnel, and we can travel between the UK and Hungary with ease.

My enjoyment of working for the NHS has grown over the last 20 years and it has provided me with excellent training. The responsibilities can be demanding, but if you put in the effort the NHS is an excellent employer for doctors who want to continually learn and develop. I enjoy working for an institution that strives constantly for better quality.

I think spending 20 years in the UK healthcare system has made me a far better doctor than what I could have achieved in Hungary. I can think, decide and act independently, and see the great majority of patients leaving happily. I have seen more than 20 doctors moving to the UK from Hungary, and although some may have left the UK, it was never because of work related problems. All in all I have achieved great work satisfaction in the UK, and this is mainly due to working in the NHS.

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