Living and working as a doctor in the UK

Living and working as a doctor in the UK

We recruit to many exciting, exotic locations across the world which offer a new culture and a tropical lifestyle – but we also recruit to places in the UK, and they can be just as incredible; with stunning scenery, lots to do and friendly people.

Why choose to live and work in the UK?

The UK has a high standard of education, living and healthcare, and is a dynamic country with a variety of city, countryside and coastal locations, offering a range different lifestyles to choose from. There are plenty of shopping centres, leisure activities, and festivals available in the cities, and outdoor activities such as sailing, hiking, mountain biking and skiing in more rural areas to keep you entertained and allow you to explore more of the country.

With people coming from all over the world to live in the UK, it has become a multicultural society. Along with its own rich history which can be seen in old streets, buildings, castles and traditions, it also incorporates aspects of other cultures into its own, with food, design and language.

There is good connectivity for travel in the UK, whether you want to explore more of the country or venture into Europe; making it ideal for those looking for the benefits of living in the UK, with the option to travel.

There are a range of medical jobs available in the UK; with doctors recruited from overseas to fill in for staff shortages as well as to provide outside knowledge. The UK is a popular location for doctors to move to and foreign doctors have become an integral part of healthcare in the UK, meaning that medical organisations have become accustomed to accommodating for them in the workforce.


Established for almost 70 years, the NHS provides free public healthcare across the UK and is one of the largest healthcare systems in the world. While private services are available, the majority of healthcare provision in the UK is part of the NHS.

The NHS is the biggest employer in the UK and has many jobs across many different roles and specialties. Despite being public owned, you can still earn a good wage as a doctor working for the NHS, and the majority of doctors in the UK work in the public sector.

As well as being drawn to the country, doctors find working in the UK has some perks. The NHS offers flexible working, a good pension scheme, training and support, as well as benefits such as discounts on travel, shopping, insurance and finance costs.

Working in the UK - particularly for the NHS - can be an adjustment to those used to working in other countries or in the private sector. But people learn a lot and gain experience providing a high standard of healthcare in this organisation, and it can offer a new perspective and insight into different ways of working.


Our locations

We advertise for permanent and locum positions in the UK, so there’s options for moving somewhere long term or just getting to see some more of the country for a shorter period of time. Locum work can be perfect for those from the UK looking for a change of scenery without moving too far away, while permanent positions offer a bigger change of pace which can be exciting and refreshing.

Our jobs are located all over the country; in rural, coastal and city locations, but there are certain locations which we tend to have more jobs for including: Cornwall, the Scottish Highlands, Cork and rural Wales.

There are several healthcare services across the UK that we frequently work with:

To find out more about the jobs we have on offer get in touch with one of our UK recruitment team members. 

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