Why work abroad as a Doctor?

Why work abroad as a Doctor?

GPs move abroad for numerous reasons, such as better salaries, a chance to develop their careers or just for a different pace of life. Some GPs decide to move abroad permanently, while others want to be away for a shorter period of time. Fixed contracts and locum work can provide a great way to experience a new place and way of life, without the commitment of moving abroad permanently.                                            

Work/Life Balance

Many people move to a new place to take advantage of the opportunities abroad and have the chance to see some more of the world while they work. You can see more of the country you move to, as well as benefit from easier access to surrounding places.

In addition to new places to discover, other countries can sometimes offer a better work/life balance compared to your home country. Places like Australia and New Zealand advocate a good work/life balance and workplaces promote having a healthy, active lifestyle.


Living in a different country brings with it a new lifestyle which can be exciting, but will also requires a bit of getting used to. Finding a country where people speak the same language and have a similar culture can be a particular draw when thinking of working abroad, as it offers a new adventure which will be easier to adjust to.

The Job

Your salary will vary depending on the location and the job itself, but for GPs it is typically higher in countries like Australia and New Zealand, compared to many other countries in the world.

The relaxed lifestyle adopted by Australians and New Zealanders is reflected in their attitudes towards work. Overall Australia is seen to have better working conditions than many other countries, as hospitals ensure they are well staffed, meaning there is less pressure and work load on each Doctor. Because of this, Doctors get more time with each patient, meaning their day feels less rushed and makes it easier to remember everything and build up relationships with patients.

Qualities of the Workplace

For those looking for a more permanent move, job stability is an important factor. Singapore has good job stability, with people typically able to stay in a position for many years.

One of the most appealing factors for GPs moving to Australasia is that practices typically have better hours, less paper work and fewer home visits, allowing Doctors to focus on other aspects of the job.

People also tend to find they are paid based on how hard they work in Australia and New Zealand, whereas in other countries they are often required to work extra hours, resulting in being overworked and unable to take time off.

Further Your Career

Living abroad, no matter what country you stay in, can be beneficial to your career.  Working in a multi-cultural environment teaches you about other cultures and can help your communication skills.  It also allows you to learn about different teaching styles and see how healthcare systems are organised in different countries, which can help develop your own work and can be valuable when coming back home.

One of the benefits of working abroad is developing a specialty or finding out more about certain areas of medicine. A more diverse population can keep things interesting and means Doctors are always learning, with different work every day.

Singapore hospitals will often offer Doctors programs to teach them about the local culture and language, to help expats adjust to living in the country. Interpreters are normally present in hospitals to help with communication. This makes the transition easier and will allow Doctors to feel more prepared and comfortable.

Training and advancing in your career can happen faster with time spent overseas, especially in countries where the teaching of others is part of senior Doctors’ regular routines. You will be paid while you train and will be well supported as training programs are government funded. As a Doctor working abroad you will likely have a lot to contribute as well as lot that you can take away from the experience.

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