Things to do before moving abroad

Things to do before moving abroad

Moving abroad takes a lot of planning and can seem like a daunting task. While Head Medical guides you through the entire recruitment process and will keep you right, it’s good to know the things you’ll need to do in preparation for your departure, as well as what to expect upon your arrival.

Do some research about the country you’re going to be moving to, so you know as much as possible about it. Being as knowledgeable as possible about all aspects of your trip will help put your mind at ease, and ensure you make the most of your time away. Do all the preparation you can beforehand to help things run smoothly when you get there.


You will notice numerous cultural differences in a new country, even with culturally similar countries as they will have their differences and colloquial quirks. This is an aspect of living abroad which can be hard to learn and incorporate into your daily life.

Try to talk to people who have been to similar places and read stories about people’s experiences to gain a better understanding of what day to day life is really like. As well as obvious differences such as language and traditions, smaller things like use of gestures and touching can vary by location, and is normally learned over time through immersion in the culture. Try and learn as much as you can about this so you feel comfortable interacting with people.


It can be hard to adjust to using a different currency, and the cost of living will likely be different, so you might end up spending more or less on different aspects of your life. So learn about the currency and look into converting some of your money before you go. Also find out about setting up an account with a local bank while you’re there, to avoid transfer and withdrawal fees. Alternatively, using an international bank can be beneficial as they allow you to make payments in different currencies. This can be useful if you still have financial commitments in your home country, or aren’t moving away permanently. 


Prepare yourself as best you can for the climate and seasons of a new country. Many of our locations offer amazing warm weather, especially for those used to UK weather! Find out what to expect to help with deciding what to bring.

An important thing to know is emergency numbers so you can get help if needed while overseas, look on the county’s government website to ensure you know how to get help for different situations.


All countries have their own laws, and the bigger the difference between the culture in your country and the one you’re going to, and the more different the laws are likely to be. Regulations which often vary from country to country are age restrictions and time restraints on buying or consuming products. You can look on the UK government website for advice and information about the country you are planning on living in including laws and regulations

At home

There are some arrangements you need to make in your home country before you go, and different people you’ll need to tell you’re leaving.  Make sure you tell the government, so they can work out what taxes you should be paying as well as how working abroad will affect your pension. You will also need to make arrangements for your post, bills and voting while you are away.

You’ll need to make plans about what to do with your house while you’re away, as well as the belongings you can’t take with you. Things like furniture may need to be put into storage while you’re away. If you plan to take pets with you, find out the entry requirements of the country for bringing in animals. 


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