Michelin Star-rated cuisine for just £1 in Singapore!

Singapore is known as a foodie’s heaven and eating out here is certainly a national past time! I was very happy to stumble across a story recently which has highlighted that you really can eat well at both the high end restaurant level and in the most humble of street food stalls while in Singapore. Michelin Guide inspectors have given their first ever Michelin Star to a hawker stall owner there who sells Hong Kong-style soya sauce chicken for the equivalent of £1 pound per portion. One of the most notable experiences I have personally from living in Asia is that life really takes place on the streets, and eating is a big part of that. There are around 20,000 street food stalls in Singapore so I recommend starting with Mr Chan Hon Meng’s Michelin Starred chicken and gradually working your way around...“chī hǎo hē hǎo” (eat and drink well!).

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