Urban Myths Busted: Radiology in Australia

Urban Myths Busted: Radiology in Australia

Alasdair Spinner, our Senior Consultant specialist in Radiology recruitment, is heading along to the RCR Thoracic Study Day here in Edinburgh. He's looking forward to spreading some sunshine and helping to dispel a few myths while he is there. Over to Alasdair...

We're attending the RCR Thoracic Study Day in Edinburgh on the 13th November. It's brilliant when there is an event on your own doorstep. No need to get a taxi or train at some ungodly hour, getting breakfast on the run, only to arrive at the booth ready for your bed. Clearly, that's no comfort to the many Radiologists who are braving the journey to Edinburgh. If it’s any consolation, when you do arrive at the International Conference Centre needing to be cheered up, come and say hello to us and we'll try to dispel the autumnal gloom with tales of sunshine, warmth, fun times, and good living from around the world. Given we have now placed over 500 doctors in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the Middle East we have a few stories to share.

At the moment, Australia remains our biggest market in radiology. There was a lot of interest for that region at the recent RCR Conference at the Barbican in London. What was apparent from meeting many radiologists then was that there appeared to be a lot of "urban myths" and misconceptions about Australia and working there. Some of these included:

Urban Myth #1: If you are a UK trained Radiologist you can only work in a remote dusty one-horse outback town (and the horse has left the town).

FALSE. I have just placed a Radiologist (Breast) into Adelaide under the Area of Need scheme that directs overseas doctors into skill short areas.

TRUE: Area of Need is based on the profession, job requirement and determined by the efforts the employer has made to secure a local candidate.

Urban Myth #2: The college process requires a UK trained consultant with 18 years post-CCT to be micro-managed as part of the Australian assessment process. 

FALSE. Every Consultant (regardless of discipline) who moves to Australia has to work "under supervision" for a period of time. "Supervision" is not management. Rather, it is a college/employer process that most closely resembles a mentoring framework that ensures quality and safety standards are met.

Urban Myth #3: Do Drop Bears really hunt humans by dropping hungrily from tree branches to fall upon the shoulders of unsuspecting tourists?

FALSE. The Drop Bear is a myth spun by bored Aussies to entertain themselves when meeting nervous foreigners fresh off the boat.

Urban Myth #4: Upon arrival in Australia Radiologists from the UK can earn AU$450,000 - AU$600,000 (approx. GBP£225,000 - GBP£300,000) whilst working fewer hours and developing their skills in a rich variety of water sports.


If you want to know about the tax structure, housing, wildlife or education system in Australia or if you want to know whether your favourite Aussie urban myth is true or not, please come up to our stall to say g'day and I will try to help with your query. I have dual Australian / UK citizenship and have recently moved to the UK from Sydney. 

Alternatively, if you are interested in working in New Zealand, the Middle East or Singapore I will also be able to share some information about these regions.

If you’re interested in opportunities overseas, why not take a look at our Doctor's Guides. Alternatively, you can search all of the jobs we currently have available here.

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