Local Lingo - Singlish - a Multicultural Mingle

Local Lingo - Singlish - a Multicultural Mingle

On 9 August 2015 Singapore celebrated the 50th anniversary of the proclamation of independence.

One of the floats in the parade celebrated Singlish, a language spoken informally in Singapore which is a wonderful fusion of its many local languages.

This article on the BBC offers an introduction to the language:


We’ve had a great morning here in the office learning Singlish and trying to put it into practice!

It’s a bit cheem (difficult, confusing) and we’re feeling a bit maluated (embarrassed) at our lack of knowledge. We’re worried that we cannot make it (aren’t up to the task, are not likely to succeed). We’re not yaya papaya (arrogant, conceited) and we can see we’re blur like sotong (extremely clueless). We’re sure that we’re getting it wrong and just speaking merepek (nonsense, rubbish). Aiseh (I say), we’re not very good at Singlish yet lah! We’re off to see if we can get ourselves some teh-C-peng (tea with condensed milk and ice) and Kaya-roti (toast with coconut jam). Steady (awesome, yes).

What are your favourite Singlish phrases?

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