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SignAt the many events we go to and in our interactions and conversations with Doctors about what we do, we often hear people say: “I’ve always thought about that or I’ve always wanted to go abroad, but I’ve never been able to because…” But many of the barriers and reasons that put people off the idea of moving to Australia or New Zealand can be based on myths rather than facts and we are often able to pleasantly surprise the GPs we talk to.

Myths we often come across:

Myth: I’m too old.
Fact: Many GPs move in their 50s and we have also helped GPs in their 60s who want to do a stint overseas. Experience is embraced and welcomed by employers.

Myth: I’m newly qualified as a GP, I don’t have enough experience.
Fact: We can help you find a job as soon as you have your MRCGP qualification. We will still be able to find you a job if you don’t have MRCGP – as long as you have three years’ experience as a GP.

Myth: I have to sit exams.
Fact: The GP Pathway is the easiest pathway for Doctors, your MRCGP/CCT/equivalent is fully recognised and you get full registration.

Myth: All the Australian jobs are in the Outback.
Fact: We have placed the majority of our GPs in the State Capital cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and we have many posts in highly urbanised areas such as Cairns in Queensland or the Western Australian coastal idyll of Bunbury. This is of course not to say that rural opportunities don’t exist if you’re seeking something a little different. There’s a great need for country doctors and many benefits come with practicing in this environment – but this really deserves a blog post in its own right…

And the top motivations for GPs to make the move:

Range of practice environments – you decide whether you want to work for a corporate or independent practice or perhaps a small local network of practices. It’s your call how many patients you want to see an hour and you can choose if you want to see public, private or mixed patients.

Great Lifestyle – you can decide how many hours you would like to work and if you want to do out-of-hours. Many GPs we have relocated have said that they are spending more time with their families now than they did back in the UK. And then there’s the warmer weather, of course.

Fabulous Earnings – there are attractive packages on offer and many practices will provide assistance with relocation.

Why not? – you only live once and the world is a big place – try something new!

To browse all our GP roles take a look at the job section of our website. If you are unsure if you qualify for registration in either Australia or New Zealand, please get in touch with Nicky or Emma.


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