Things to do whilst in…Victoria

Penguin TourFollowing Yan’s recent blog on his favourite place in Oz, Melbourne born and bred Jonathan gives his top tip of what to do outside the capital of Victoria: 

If you’re going to be in Melbourne I thoroughly encourage you to take a drive out to Phillip Island. It is only about 90 minutes from the centre of Melbourne and there are plenty of things to keep you busy in Phillip Island such as surfing, kayaking, fishing, mini golf as well as visiting animal sanctuaries.

However, I have to say the ‘must do’ activity is seeing the Penguin Parade. We did the Ultimate Tour at night which is limited to just 10 people, making it a great experience. All kitted-up in the special penguin nightwear and accompanied by a ranger guide, this fully accredited eco tour took us to a secluded beach away from the main parade grounds and this tour also includes a full ranger briefing, headsets to comfortably hear your ranger on the tour as well as highPenguin-tech 'night vision scopes' that allow you to spy on penguins in the dark.

An unforgettable experience that allowed us to see many penguins up close! For more information, visit the Penguin Parade website.


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