Our Top Ten - Interesting Facts About Singapore

Since we began recruiting Doctors for jobs in Singapore last year, it's become increasingly apparent that this is a country full of unique nuances and fascinating facts so, we thought it might be fun to pull together a list the Top Ten interesting things we've discovered so far - we'd love it if you'd share your own as well.....

1. Singapore was called Singapura, which translates as Lion City in Sanskrit, by a Sumatran Prince after he thought he saw a lion on the island (it was probably a tiger).

2. In Singapore 1 October is a national day dedicated to children under the age of 12, they are given presents and treats by their parents and teachers and on the Friday of that week they have the day off school.

3. Singapore is a city, a capital and a state all at once, making it one of only three City States in the world.

4. Most Singaporeans choose to boil their water before drinking it (although the tap water is fine to drink without purification) and will often drink it warm.

5. Singapore is made up of one large island and 63 small, mostly uninhabited, surrounding islands.

6. If you are given a present in Singapore, it is rude to open it in front of the person who gave it you, it’s polite to wait and open the gift later.

7. Chewing gum is banned in Singapore, except for those with a medical prescription.

8. Singapore imports sand and fresh water from Malaysia.

9. The Great Singapore Duck Race is held every year in order to raise money for charity. In 2002 it broke a world record with more than 123,000 toy ducks racing on the Singapore River.

10. Singapore has the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, which is a towering 35 meters high! It’s in Gardens by the Bay, which is an indoor garden housing over 500,000 plants from across the world.

If you'd like to find out more about working as a Consultant in this fantastic location you can check out our Singapore page or search the roles we currently have available via our Jobs page.

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