“Sorry, but…” and other bugbears

ChloeMy role at Head Medical is to make sure that we are providing the best service possible. A key part of this is finding out what our customers think of our service, addressing any issues identified and making changes where necessary. As a company our core values reflect our desire to do our best and to be the best we can.

Our Values:

  • We are proud to work here and passionate about what we do
  • We deliver on our promises
  • We continually learn and develop
  • We listen and have people's best interests at heart
  • We want to be best at what we do

Over the past 20 years Gallup has surveyed over a billion people to find out what is most important to customers. The top four areas were also at the forefront of our minds when we decided what our values should be, to make sure that we are doing what our customers really want us to do.

Gallup Survey Top 4 customer expectations:

  • Accuracy
  • Availability
  • Partnership
  • Advice

So, on a more personal note, what does a person or company have to do to get service right? And to counter that, what things really annoy you?

Asking around the office, the top annoyances were:

  • Staff talking amongst themselves while serving you
  • Getting redirected and passed through several different members of staff before finally being put through to the right one
  • Unnecessary or unexplained processes
  • People not taking responsibility for things and using phrases like “that’s our policy”, “there’s nothing I can do”, “sorry but…”
  • Having to wait in queues/on hold for a long time

And the top service point scorers were:

  • People doing things to help without having to be asked
  • Exceeding expectations
  • Competence and efficiency
  • Price
  • Reliability

Of course, the ‘right’ things are far more ambiguous and a little harder to achieve as they are subjective. One person’s idea of excellent service may be another’s nightmare. Service means different things to different people, so to my mind the best service doesn’t come from a generic template being followed but one where the company/individual takes the time to listen and understand what you are looking for and that they do whatever they can to make things work the way you need them to.

What do you think?

Client Experience Manager


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