A Day in the Life of...

Gemma Evans – Registration Team Manager & Licensed IAA Immigration Adviser

My role
In my role as the Registration Team Manager at Head Medical every day is busy and no one is ever the same as the next. My job here is to support Head Medical’s Doctors and guide them through medical registration and immigration applications, to make sure they are able to start work on time.

A.M. – Checking emails from overseas
As part of this role I run my own desk, with up to thirty Doctors to assist at any one time. Most days start with checking emails that have come in from Australia and New Zealand overnight. 

P.M. – Checking in with the Doctors
I spend much of my time talking to our Doctors to help them with the collation and submission of their applications for registration and immigration approval, acting as the main point of contact in their preparations for their big move overseas, right down to the organisation of their arrival and initial accommodation.

Weekly updates
Tuesday tends to be my busiest day in the office, as this is when I hold my weekly update meetings to run through the progress of each Doctor's applications with the recruiters that have worked with them. These meetings are a great chance to review progress over the course of the last week and for the recruitment consultants to keep updated on progress and any assistance that they can provide in liaising with the Doctor and hospitals in ANZ.

Team management
I also take responsibility for leading and mentoring two Registration Consultants, overseeing the activities of the team and supporting the guys to complete the applications of those Doctors they have been assigned.

What I love about working at Head Medical
There are a lot of things that I love about my job here at Head Medical, from the friendly and supportive team to the variety of different people and challenges that you are faced with every day, which comes from assisting people from such a diverse range of backgrounds and family circumstances.

From start to finish I can work with Doctors and their families for anywhere up to a year, and during that time you are able to build strong working relationships with them and often end up feeling like one of the family. One of the things I love most about my job though is receiving the first email from our Doctors after they have arrived and settled in to their new lives, hearing about all the amazing new things they have experienced and being able to hear their excitement and enthusiasm for their new lives down under. Sometimes we’re even lucky enough to receive some photos of our families, basking in glorious sunshine, a far cry from our usual dreary days here in Edinburgh!