My hours and working conditions are much better than those in the UK and I have found plenty of time to relax, swim, cycle and explore this beautiful part of the world. ...read more
Dr Angela D, Emergency Medicine Consultant, Western Australia
I am so glad I moved to Singapore! ...read more
Dr Melonie S, Medicine/Rheumatology Consultant – Singapore
I have immense pleasure in sharing the help which Head Medical offered to me. The move to a different country is itself daunting. ...read more
Dr Venkatesh N, GP, Victoria, Australia
My experience of the team from initial contact to date is that they have all been professional, welcoming, courteous, driven and extremely knowledgeable. ...read more
Dr Richard F, Psychiatrist, Northland, New Zealand
It has been a pleasure working with Head Medical and I am so happy and at home here in New Zealand after just two weeks! ...read more
Dr Matilda L, Emergency Medicine Registrar, North Island, New Zealand
Whatever the current state of the health service, taking the decision to re-locate work and family to the other side of the globe, giving up the 'comfort blanket' that is the NHS, will always present challenges and potential difficulties. ...read more
Dr Mike B, Consultant Neurologist, Townsville, North Queensland
Projects like this are difficult to launch - without Head Medical’s help I would have never seen Pleasant Point and Caroline Bay. ...read more
Dr Ted G, GP, South Island, New Zealand
The job has exceeded my expectations. I have learnt a great deal and feel I have become a better Doctor for my experience. ...read more
Dr Sarah M, CareFlight Aero-medical Retrieval Registrar, Queensland, Australia
I was introduced to the services of Head Medical in 2011 whilst attending the Medical Careers Fair held every year in Islington, London. They were extremely helpful in providing information about GP and Specialist posts available overseas, including the Middle East, Far East, and Australasia ...read more
Dr Sadie T, GP/ Medical Director, Dushanbe, Tajikistan
When I arrived I was armed with maps, names and phone numbers. Everything proceeded like a well-oiled machine. ...read more
Dr Phil H, Consultant Radiologist, Palmerston North, New Zealand
Having got fed up with it, I like many others retired from the NHS. I signed up with Head Medical who have been a very courteous, professional and helpful organisation. ...read more
Dr Rupert S, Consultant Paediatrician, Dunedin, New Zealand
I can wholeheartedly recommend Head Medical to professionals who would like to venture abroad. ...read more
Dr Gus B, General Practitioner, Christchurch, New Zealand
Excellent service from start to finish. ...read more
Dr Sebastian M, General Practitioner, Queensland, Australia
I moved to Australia to work as a GP about five years ago. Looking back now, I am so pleased to have made this choice for myself and my family. The move has allowed for a better lifestyle and an improved work/life balance. Personally, for any UK-based GP, I would recommend some time living and working in Australia without hesitation. ...read more
Dr James H, GP, Queensland, Australia
The practical advice given at every stage of the recruitment process by Head medical was invaluable ...read more
Dr Adekunle O, General Practitioner, Qatar
Alasdair Spinner and Claire Garrahan are thoroughly professional and dedicated individuals. ...read more
Dr Ileana C, Consultant Radiologist, South Australia, Australia
Head Medical were highly professional relocating my partner and I to Australia. They understood our needs and concerns with such a big move and made the journey relatively seamless. ...read more
Dr Tom H, General Practitioner, Sydney, Australia
During my stay in NZ they kept in touch, making sure everything was running smoothly. Without the assistance of Head Medical, I would never have made it. ...read more
Dr Emilie A, Consultant Internal And Geriatric Medicine, North Island, New Zealand
We have been working with Head Medical for almost 12 months now and they have provided us with top quality Physician resumes. ...read more
John Quinn, Director, Corporate Medical Recruitment, National Guard Health Affairs, Saudi Arabia
It all started when I began to apply for jobs in Singapore in June 2016... ...read more
V.B. – Singapore
I have nothing but praise for the professional manner in which the entire process was handled by Head Medical. ...read more
Dr Amber S, Consultant, Dubai, UAE
I found Head Medical to have exceeded my expectations and made the whole process as painless as possible . . . ...read more
Dr Thomas B, GP, NSW Australia
I would thoroughly recommend Head Medical as a recruitment agency of choice to any organisation wishing to recruit medical staff. ...read more
Jenny Martelli & team, Lakes District Health Board, New Zealand
This time in 3 weeks we will pretty much be in Perth in the middle of summer. Seems totally surreal. I cannot wait. ...read more
Dr Richard H, General Practitioner, Western Australia, Australia
"The process was so easy and effortless..." ...read more
Dr N
Having recently moved to Singapore, I realise that I am very fortunate to have had the assistance of Head Medical. They could not have made the process smoother, and they were with me all the way through. ...read more
Dr Tom K, Consultant Endocrinologist, Singapore
When it comes to my next move, I will certainly go back to Head Medical, and would (and have!) recommend them to others unreservedly. ...read more
Dr Kate M, Consultant, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Life and work in Queensland has exceeded my expectations so if you are up for an adventure don’t hesitate to give Head Medical a call! ...read more
Dr Knut T, CareFlight Aero-medical Retrieval, Townsville, Queensland, Australia
It has been an amazing experience so far. I have learned and seen a lot and will never forget your support and patience. ...read more
Dr Christer O, CareFlight Aero-medical Retrieval, Townsville, Queensland, Australia
Myself and my family are now settled in Singapore and purely based on the quality of life here, incredibly unlikely to ever return to the UK! ...read more
Dr Michael M, Consultant Cardiologist, Singapore
Nicky Mcloughlin has been fantastic and I couldn't fault the service I have had with Head Medical. ...read more
Dr Fiona R, Locum GP, Scotland
Everyone at the practice is very nice and the work pressure is much less compared to the UK. ...read more
Dr Otto O, General Practitioner, Perth, Western Australia