Refer A Friend: Terms & Conditions

1. All referrals should be made by completing our Referral Rewards Registration form

2. You may refer as many prospective Doctors to Head Medical as you wish however individual prospective Doctors can only be referred once.

3. You must be registered with Head Medical to make referrals.

4. The Candidate must name you as their referrer

5. The Candidate cannot already be on our database

6. For a referral to be deemed successful the following criteria must be met:

i) The referred Doctor must register with Head Medical

ii) The referred Doctor must accept a position through Head Medical within 12 months of being referred

iii) The referred Doctor must successfully complete the first 3 months of a permanent contract OR the referred Locum Doctor must complete a minimum of 80 hours

7. Your eligibility for the Head Medical Referral Rewards scheme is subject to you complying with the terms of any agreement between you and Head Medical in relation to any Locum or fixed term placement.

8. Head Medical reserve the right to a final decision on issuing rewards.

9. Head Medical accept no responsibility or any loss, damage or liability caused in connection with the Head Medical Referral Rewards scheme.

10. You expressly release Head Medical and agree and acknowledge that Head Medical is not liable for any claim, liability, loss, damage or consequential loss (including loss of profit) (howsoever arising) caused by or in connection with the Head Medical Referral Rewards scheme.

11. Head Medical reserve the right to change, suspend or terminate these terms and conditions and the rewards program at any time.

Tax Implications

Participation in the Head Medical Referral Rewards scheme may be subject to taxes, duties, levies, charges or other liabilities for some individual participants in the program. Before claiming a reward you should seek the advice of an accountant or financial adviser to clarify your tax status. You accept full responsibility for informing yourself of these, and for paying such taxes, duties, levies, charges and other liabilities. Head Medical is not responsible for any liability that may result from participation in this rewards program or any rewards offered.

If you have any queries regarding the Head Medical Referral Rewards scheme please contact your Head Medical Recruitment Consultant.

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