Tina Gesquiere

Recruitment Consultant

Background: Belgian national and happily living in the UK since 2015. Before I joined Head Medical, I was a recruitment consultant for the plastics and chemicals industries. I worked with candidates and clients across Europe and the Middle East.

Loves: A Belgian beer in sunny Scottish weather.

Dream Destinations: Currently Santorini and Cape Verde are high on my list.

Inspired By: My sister.

Best New Zealand Moment/Memory: Yet to create!

Special Talent: Catching mosquitoes in the middle of the night, I never miss one.

Hates: Mosquitoes and dust.

Favourite Song: Changes rapidly, but it’s always a good time for anything from Vaya Con Dios.

Never Seen Without: Eyes

Favourite Word/Phrase: “Whit’s fur ye’ll no' go by ye!”

Happiest Memory: First holidays with my husband in Portugal.

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Direct Line: +44 (0)131 240 5258