Joanna Cahill

Registration Consultant

Background: Born and raised in Ayr on West Coast of Scotland and made the move to the big city, Edinburgh, in 2011 to study Management and Languages at university. I spent some time living in Barcelona working as an au pair and teaching Spanish children English. After graduating, and working for a year within a marketing department, my desire to travel got the better of me, so I spent some time travelling around the world with my best friend – visiting 3 continents and 17 countries in the space of 13 weeks!

I am passionate about helping people, therefore I am really excited about working with our doctors and their families as they prepare for their big move across the globe.  

Loves: There are so many things I love…family, exploring new places and taking in new cultures, Christmas, sunshine, cheese…(who doesn’t love cheese?), oh and a wee G&T of course :)

Dream Destinations: I have always wanted to go on a safari to Africa!

Inspired By: My Mum and Dad, travel and kindness.  

Claim to Fame: Meeting Heather Small, the lead singer of M People at an event at Murrayfield – she even gave me her managers number and promised me backstage passes to her next concert…I will definitely be taking her up on that!

Special Talent: Puedo hablar español :) and I can sing a song in Chinese (not very well, mind you).

Hates: I find it hard to hate something, however I get frustrated by slow walkers and drivers who don’t thank you and I really don’t like mice!

Never Seen Without: A smile.

Happiest Memory: It’s so hard to choose one as I have so many happy memories but up there with the top is either falling asleep in the jungle under the stars surrounded by elephants in Chiang Mai or going to the ’world renowned’ Plaza Hotel in New York and re-living my childhood memories as that is where Kevin stayed in Home Alone 2.

Get in touch with Joanna

Direct Line: +44 (0)131 240 5274