Yan Scouller

Senior Recruitment Consultant (Canada, Gulf & Rest of the World)

My background is mainly in training, sales and recruitment (lots of work travel but only Scotland and the north of England!) Before Head Medical I was working in IT recruitment, finding candidates for IT projects in Edinburgh’s leading banks and financial institutions.

I have a diverse international remit, responsible for recruiting GPs to posts in Canada, Kazakhstan, St Helena, Falklands, as well as Ships Dr posts and Locums in the Highlands and Borders regions of Scotland.

I have a keen interest in travelling and enjoy watching and playing most sports. To date I have travelled throughout Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Europe. I have also lived and worked in Greece and spent two years travelling and working in Australia.

Background: Sales, Training and Recruitment

Loves: Spain

Hates: Celery

Favourite Song: 'Into The Mystic' by Van Morrison

Dream Destination: Hawaii

Never Seen Without: Contact Lenses/Glasses (I couldn’t see otherwise!)

Claim to Fame: I once sat beside Beyoncé at the MTV Music Awards in Edinburgh

Special Talent: I make a mean omelette

Best Australian Memory: Working at the Melbourne Grand Prix

Favourite Word: Oxter (Scottish word for armpit)

Proudest Moment: Standing up (finally) on a surfboard in Sri Lanka



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Direct Line: +44 (0)131 240 5274