Kirsty Godsal

Business Support Manager

Background: I worked as a midwife for 11 years in Scotland, England and Dubai. It was an amazing job with the most amazing experiences. Prior to my training I worked for various pub chains in management, which certainly developed my people skills, and gave me the opportunity to manage quite a variety of projects with a bit of UK travel mixed in.

Loves: My family, my animals, making things and sunshine.

Dream Destinations: Anywhere with a beach and my favourite people is alright by me.

Inspired By: Creativity and nature.

Best Gulf Memory: Easter egg rolling in the desert or watching the sun fall out the sky on the beach before listening to the call to prayer on a dhow crossing the creek.

Claim to Fame: Not sure my angelic face on songs of praise is something I should share? Or the time when I featured on the album ballad for a borders toon aged 10.

Special Talent: Turning my hand to almost anything!

Hates: I try not to cultivate them.

Favourite Song: Oh too many to choose! I like everything from Bowie to Bieber but I’m a real child of the 80’s.

Proudest Moment: I’m proud of my family all the time. I had a little beam when I ran my first 10K.

Happiest Memory: So many! I have a very lovely family.

Get in touch with Kirsty

Direct Line: 0131 240 5259