Mark Goodwin

Marketing Manager

Background: Born in Stockport, I grew up in the Peak District and attended university in Sheffield. After spending four amazing years living in NZ, I returned to the UK and moved to Edinburgh to do a Masters in Publishing at Napier University.

Loves: Liverpool FC, motown, gin, gangster films.

Hates: Reality television, Piers Morgan, foie gras, unwarranted smugness/arrogance.

Dream Destinations: Japan, Canada, India, Chile (and loads more).

Best New Zealand Moment/Memory: Hitchhiking around Northland on the back of a truck, while watching the sun go down over Hokianga Harbour.

Claim to Fame: Played pool with (and beat) Michelle Rodriguez from The Fast and the Furious!

Special Talent: I’m pretty handy on the guitar.

Favourite Song: There’s quite a few, but I’ll put three: Growing on Me by The Darkness, Never Gonna Give You Up by the Black Keys and Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen.

Never Seen Without: My phone (not very original I know).

Favourite Word/Phrase: “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”


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Direct Line: +44 (0)131 240 5275