Chloe Wilkinson

Client Experience Manager

I have worked for Head Medical since the summer of 2010. I started off on a temporary basis, providing general office support, however in October 2011 I was offered a permanent role as Client Experience Manager.

It is my job to make sure the service we are providing is first rate, to prompt feedback and to identify any areas for improvement then set the wheel in motion to instigate these improvements. There is a lot of analysis and low level detail involved in my job, which suits me down to the ground, as I’m definitely a ‘details’ person.

For me, the best thing about working for Head Medical is knowing that we are helping people to realise their dreams and make life changing moves – my part in that move is around doing all I can to improve the experience for not only our candidates and their families but also the employers we work with and I am very proud of that.

Background: Born in and lived in and around Edinburgh, over 10 years in management and service roles in the financial industry, started with Head Medical in 2010, became a mum in 2011

Loves: Being a mum, spending time with family and friends, laughing, music, hot sunny days, holidays, going to the beach, baking

Hates: Daytime TV and torrential rain when it’s supposed to be summer

Favourite Song: Hmm, that would vary drastically depending on my mood, and I love loads of different types of music. However you can’t beat a bit of 'Appetite for Destruction' (Guns N' Roses) when driving but it has to be turned up L-O-U-D.

Dream Destination: Somewhere sunny where I can feel hot soft sand between my toes, city breaks, safari, caravan in the rain - as long as I have my family with me I’ll have a happy holiday anywhere.

Never Seen Without: Prior to being a mum it would have been something glamorous like high heels, but now it’s all about ballet pumps and baby wipes.

Inspired by: The people I love

Claim to Fame: I played air guitar at my wedding – not sure if that’s a claim to fame or just a bit embarrassing?

Special Talent: I make wedding and birthday cakes, so put me down for ‘creative’.

Best Australian Memory: Wow, so many...getting the ferry from Manly to Sydney and seeing Sydney Harbour open up in front of me for the first time. Sand dune surfing (and not ever remembering to close my mouth on the way down). Dolphin watching from a boom net. Thinking I was really cool, walking back to the apartment with my tourists body board after an afternoon of ‘surfing’ one day, only to have some super cool surfer dudes drive past in their yute, honking their horn and pointing and laughing at my fluoro-bodyboard!

Favourite Word: Hello

Proudest Moment: Having my beautiful daughter Maisie


Get in touch with Chloe

Direct Line: +44 (0)131 240 5254