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When you make the decision to move overseas, there are a multitude of things that you need
to consider, from the kind of property you are looking for, how much you want to spend, to navigating
life in your new country, what you are going to do for fun in your new home country.

For over a decade Halo Financial has assisted thousands of people with their move overseas, meaning we have a thorough understanding of the process you are going through - and exactly how we can help you during your journey to begin your new life overseas.

Currency markets change regularly and Halo’s MTSA qualified consultants work with clients to assist in identifying the best time to trade. Timing is critical to receiving the best possible return. For example, in May 2017 a customer exchanging Pounds Sterling to Australian Dollars would have received $1.89. Fast-forward three months to August and the rate was $2.23 – that’s an 18% increase, or $34,000 extra on a £100,000 transaction.

There are a number of different ways to buy currency, including options to lock in favourable rates now with a small deposit.

Call for a discussion about how Halo can help you save time and money – 02073 505 474. 

Visit their website to find out more: https://www.halofinancial.com/living-abroad/emigrating (opens in a new window)

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