Otago & Southland

Population: Circa 304,800

Climate: A bit colder due to the distance from the equator but does experience dry hot summers

Great for: Bird watching, Water skiing, Tramping, Adventure sports


Lake Wanaka
Nestled beside a beautiful and tranquil lake, Wanaka is a small town, set deep in the mountains, with an amazing array of things to see and do. The people here are so friendly and used to hosting international visitors, it has to be one of the top places to visit when in NZ. 

Dunedin - the Edinburgh of the South
Considered the centre of academic excellence in NZ, Dunedin (which means “Little Edinburgh” in Gaelic), is home to NZ's oldest University and is a real melting pot of cultures and people. Featuring restaurants and cafés, art galleries, theatre and a lively music scene, it's a small city with a great vibe – it's also a great place to see seals, penguin and albatross colonies. 

Kiwis on Stewart Island
How can you go to New Zealand and not see a kiwi?! If you visit the ecological wonderland that is Stewart Island, you can take a “spotting tour” to see these protected and very special birds. A real treat as they are nocturnal and very shy.

Head’s top tips

Jennifer Orr:
“A visit to NZ would not be complete without spending a few days in the skiing area just outside of Queenstown. Hit the slopes at one of the five ski fields within the Queenstown area.”

Caroline O'Hagan:
“If you make it all the way to the south of the South island, you have to try one of NZ’s best delicacies – Bluff Oysters. Purists like them raw and straight from the shell, others prefer them cooked in a white wine sauce – either way you just have to have a taste!”

To find out more head to southlandnz.com and otago.co.nz

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