Gulf Region

Both education and healthcare are high on the agenda in the Gulf Region and we see growth of existing institutes as well as the creation of new medical cities. The Gulf Region Healthcare Sector is expected to be worth US$ 60 billion by 2025 (find out more in this blog post) - no other region in the world faces such rapid growth in demand. This growth creates exciting career opportunities for healthcare professionals and we’re delighted to be recruiting senior medical staff for a number of institutions throughout the region, currently covering;

Working in the Gulf can be an excellent option for Consultants who are looking to save a large proportion of their income over a year or more. Experienced Consultants (2 years or more post specialist qualification) will have the opportunity to earn an excellent tax free salary and benefits package and experience life and work in a very different environment, in world-class and accredited hospitals.

A typical package includes:

  • Flights to and from your place of work will be paid at the beginning and end of your contract and often a mid-year round trip ticket is also offered
  • Annual leave is generous – some hospitals offering up to seven calendar weeks
  • Free, comfortable, air-conditioned family accommodation (typically 3 bed villa)
  • Education allowance for dependent children
  • Transport allowance & airfares
  • Medical and dental cover
  • CME
  • Bonuses

With a large expat and international medical community it’s possible to enjoy as active a social life as you would like. Most hospitals organise expeditions to interesting places and you’ll certainly have the opportunity to participate in all sorts of recreational activities.

We also occasionally have Consultant vacancies in Central Asia – please take a look at our job section.


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