Full name: The State of Kuwait

Population: 3.56 Million (UN 2010)

Capital: Kuwait City

Area: 17,820 sq. km

Major Language: Arabic

Major Religion: Islam

Currency: Kuwaiti Dinar (Subdivided into 1000 fils)

Main Export: Oil (Other major industries include shipping, construction, cement, water desalination, construction materials and financial services)

Kuwait City invites visitors to explore its most famous landmark - the Kuwait Towers. You can travel by high-speed lift to the sphere on the tallest of the three towers (which is 187m high) and enjoy stunning views of Kuwait City from the revolving restaurant and observation deck.

Kuwait has a number of museums and historical sites. Visitors can view rare and precious Islamic antiques at the Museum of Islamic Antique and experience traditional pearl diving at the country’s annual Pearl Diving Festival. There is also the Tareq Rajab Museum, the Science and Natural History Museum, the National Museum, and the Saif Al-Shamlan Museum. 

Kuwait also offers a variety of more light-hearted entertainment. Entertainment City, which is considered to be one of the best amusement parks in the World, is located just outside of Kuwait City. There is also the enormous Aqua Water Park – the Gulf Region’s biggest water park - situated adjacent to the Kuwait Towers.

The general working week in Kuwait runs from Saturday to Wednesday, although a number of industries, including healthcare, also work a half-day on Thursdays.

There's a wide choice of modern accommodation - most complexes have a swimming pool, gym, 24 hour security and general maintenance included in the rental agreement.

For an update on healthcare developments in Kuwait, have a look at this blog post.

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