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Become an unrestricted Vocationally Registered (VR) GP in 5 years or less with the Overseas Trained Doctor (OTD) Scheme

The Five Year Overseas Trained Doctor (OTD) Recruitment Scheme (also known as the 5 Year Scheme) provides incentives for Overseas Trained Doctors to work in some of Australia's smaller rural communities.

Being an unrestricted Vocationally Registered (VR) GP means you would be fully comparable to an Australian trained GP and would be able to work in both District of Workforce Shortage (DWS) and non DWS locations which opens up a wealth of opportunities. This normally takes up to 10 years for a GP moving to Australia to attain.

To benefit from the 5 year scheme GPs must:

  • Complete the required length of service in a location eligible for the scheme
  • Attain Fellowship with RACGP
  • Attain permanent residency of Australia and/or Australian citizenship.

About the Scheme

- Many OTDs have previous experience or qualifications as a GP. The 5 Year Scheme utilises those skills to the doctor’s best advantage and provides experienced doctors to rural communities.

- Most OTDs are affected by the 10 Year Moratorium which restricts where an OTD is able to obtain a Medicare provider number for the 10 years from the date of first medical registration in Australia. The Moratorium aims to balance the GP : Population ratio.

- The Scheme can provide eligible doctors with a generous reduction in the service time of their Moratorium,  sometimes reducing the 10 years to less than half that time, depending on the location of the town the doctor agrees to work in.

- After meeting the requirements of the 5 Year Scheme, eligible doctors are awarded a non-location-specific  exemption to Medicare provider numbers, allowing the doctor to work as a GP anywhere in Australia.

- The Scheme offers a win/win situation: OTDs receive generous remuneration and incentives in rural General Practice and a reduction on the 10 year Moratorium conditions, while rural NSW communities  receive much needed access to experienced doctors.

For more information please visit or get in touch directly for list of locations in New South Wales the scheme applies to.

What Head Medical can do for you

Arranging a position overseas is very exciting, but we understand that it can also be daunting and time consuming. We’re the UK's specialist in international medical recruitment and we‘ve helped many Doctors relocate since we first started out in 2008 (you can read what people have said about working with us on our testimonials page). We know it’s important to balance career opportunities with lifestyle and we’ll talk through your plans and will get to know you to make sure we find the right role in the right location.

Once we have secured a job for you, we’ll manage the Medical Registration and Visa application process, and support you (and your family) with the relocation itself.

If this sounds like the perfect job or if you’d like to find out a bit more please do not hesitate to contact Eilidh Manson for an informal chat on +44 (0)131 240 5279 or via