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3 October 2017

We recruit to many exciting, exotic locations across the world which offer a new culture and a tropical lifestyle – but we also recruit to places in the UK, and they can be just as incredible; with stunning scenery, lots to...

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Living and working as a doctor in the UK

2 June 2016

In our most recent blog we introduced Karen Diamond , one of the two new members of our expanding UK Recruitment Team. This time around it's Martin Merrick's turn in the spotlight... I was born and raised in central Scotland, more...

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Meet the Team – Martin Merrick

31 May 2016

We've recently welcomed two new additions to our newly established UK Recruitment Team. They've been brought in to help UK Team Manager Jo Hood further develop this burgeoning side of the business, and there's a lot to keep them busy!...

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Meet the Team – Karen Diamond

24 March 2016

As a leading international medical recruitment company, we are delighted with the positive response to our new UK Division. It has been so good in fact, that we are expanding the team to further develop this side of our business....

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We're looking for a talented recruiter to join our team...
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