Meet Stephen Devenny

Stephen has joined us as a Nurse Manager for our ever-growing Theatre & Nursing Divisions. We had a chat with him to find out a bit more about his experience and what he's most looking forward to working with Nurses and Theatre Practitioners 

"I started my nursing training in May 1981. I remember thinking it would be a career I could use to travel the world a bit, something I’d always wanted to do.

Once I had been qualified the requisite number of years, I joined an international nursing agency and headed off to Sydney, Australia. I spent a few years in that part of the world and made some wonderful friends along the way. Most of whom became like family and are still friends today.

I've recently joined Head Medical as a Nurse Manager. Everyone has been very welcoming and supportive. It remains a challenge to learn the job remotely, but there is always someone a video chat away who can help. It’s definitely a big change from moving about on the ward, I’d say sitting still has been the hardest part so far!

I’ve been enjoying renewing acquaintances/names from my past as a lot of them are on the books. I’m looking forward to networking and bringing new members of staff into the fold and assisting them with their compliance to get started.

I think most people see agency nursing as a way of making some extra money, and that’s definitely true! However, it’s also a great way to expand your experience, network and broaden your horizons. Why not get in touch? You never know where it might lead…"

Our team are dedicated to helping you become compliant and help you keep up to date with your training and skills.

If you’re a Theatre Practitioner give us a call on 0131 240 5288 or to find out how we can help you.

If you’re an Acute Nurse looking to find out more about our current opportunities, contact Victoria Beattie on 0131 240 5275 or email

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